student Competition

Seebach 2025 | Rural Development

Seebach is an east german village that experienced an uncharacteristic economic growth after the fall of the wall, thanks to a global cnc machine tools manufacturer. despite this development, the village is shrinking because the existing ddr panel buildings no longer meet the housing needs of the people. To counter this my design introduces the locally non-existing typology of the apartment building. In each case two structures share a base area that has been created from the hillside location. Different apartment sizes allow for a heterogeneous composition of the residents. Futhermore the whole village is to be carefully restructured and reforested to buffer the central highway. The individual and sleeping rooms of each apartment face east, thus providing an impressive view of those newly created green spaces. The monolithic apartment buildings are covered with wooden shingles that break new ground in the village. Albeit, those shingles will weather and darken over time and will remind of the typical local slate cladding.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. M.Arch. Berthold H. Penkhues, Dipl.-Ing. Jan Pingel, M.Sc Sven Wesuls


1st price | student competition by the association “Mein Seebach” and the Technical University of Braunschweig | link