fact sheet

photogrammetric drone mapping

After getting the landlords permission i flew an autmated drone mission to map the site. Here are the original specs of my results[the above and below web-versions are compressed]:

Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian
Flight planning app
Number of photos
Photogrammetry software
agsoft metashape
Dense Cloud
35,623,433 points
 6,019,736 faces
Ortophoto precision
6,5 mm / px
Digital elevation model precision
25 mm / px
digital elevation model
master Thesis

Jewish Museum for Childen | Halberstadt

The Moses Mendelssohn Foundation is planning an extension to the Behrend Lehmann Museum in Halberstadt. At first it seems contradictory not to develop this public building directly from the street. The design plays with this contradiction by keeping itself closed in cubature, facade and materiality on the street side. Only a wedge-shaped incision in the edge of the block allows a view of its, historical garden core and divides the building into two. A pool, however, prevents the passage between the two parts and thus the curious passer-by must go through the nearby historical gate. When one enters the extension building, all rooms can be easily reached through the central staircase. Alternatively, an circulation sculpture is available for the youngsters, which offers a completely different experience of the same rooms.


Prof. Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, Prof. Matthias Karch, Dr. Philipp Rheinfeld, M.Sc. Felix Rebers, M. Sc. Alice Knoppek


‘Jüdisches Kindermuseum Halberstadt’ at Rathauspassage Halberstadt 2019