Bachelor Thesis

Hydropower Plant | Görlitz

The design consists of two gravitation water vortex power plants, connected in series at the 3.5 m weir of the Neiße in Görlitz. Water vortex power plants are, in contrast to conventional turbine types fish passable. A major advantage considering the environment but coming with less overall efficiency. Above these cylindrical structures stretches a footbridge and connects the Polish and German banks like a belt. Befitting the curved design language of the ensemble, an arched supporting structure was chosen for the bridge. The barrage is planned with a drum weir to regulate an equal flow amidst natural water level fluctuations.


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Axel Oestreich, Prof. M.Sc. Karen Eisenloffel, Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Lehmann, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lieschke, Dipl.-Ing. Robert Maziul


3rd Prize PinUp | winter term 2013/2014

[annual Award of the  Brandenburg University of Technology Architecture Faculty]