student design

Converted Granary | Greifswald

The former granary is supplemented on the promenade side by an annex, which represents the interface between the buildings new utilization:  Museum, Cafe and Archive. This new structure, inserted to the north, adapts the formal language of the granary, but deliberately distances itself from the materiality of the brick. From the reception, the visitor can either go directly to the eastern museum part of the building, to the western service library of the archive, or via a sculptural staircase to the rooftop cafe. The museum tour leads the visitor completely through the annex and on leaving the museum, the visitor returns to the development core and can end his visit in the café. The museum with its 700m² exhibition area is an extension of the Pomeranian State Museum.


Prof. Bernd Huckriede, Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Witt