Competition entry

Trade Training Centre | Halle

The design for the new trade training centre in Halle is based on the central idea of creating a functional and inspiring place in a park-like context. Views and insights into the training halls, as well as the connection between the interior and exterior of the new training halls and the existing buildings are intended to make the park-like character of the campus tangible. The single-storey new buildings are clearly organized by the spatial structure, which is reflected in the facades to the outside, and are visually and constructively anchored on a floor slab that merges into the exterior space. At the same time, a roof overhang of each hall is constructed over the cafeteria and the interior zone, which overhangs at the same depth as the floor slab and promotes the stay in front of the halls and the connection between the halls. The connection between the rational, clearly structured and largely transparent halls and the surrounding landscape is intended to reflect the identity-forming guiding idea of an appreciative, atmospheric crafts campus.

rw+ Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH,


Moritz Klimburg, Rolf Starke