fact sheet

3d printing ceramic

Hard- and software setup:
 industrial robot arm
Universal Robots – UR5
VormVrij 3D – Lutum clay extruder
extruder interface
Arduino Uno
modeling and slicing software
rinoceros 3d grasshopper with robots plugin from B-made
University Project

3D Printing Ceramics

Building materials derived directly from earth are more and more often discussed as alternatives to concrete for their sustainability. The ceramic compound i used here is biodegradable and recyclable and depending on form and the respective chemical composition, ceramics can be extremely hard, heat-resistant, insulating, conductive, permeable or impermeable to water. Given the scalability of 3D printing technology this project aims to study the form finding process of a construction method that could reshape architecture.
Prof. Sven Pfeiffer, Dipl.-Ing. Caroline Høgsbro, M.Sc. Lara Wischnewski