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Photogrammetric Drone Mapping

These two drone missions were flown consecutively as part of the natural stone restoration of the Braunschweigkolleg. Mission A was a double-grid overhead mission to create a quick model. Mission B was calculated based on the quick model, thus enablling the drone to follow the real building geometry. This technique eliminated blind spots and allows for a precision of up t 3mm/px in Model B. [the web version are compressed]
Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian
Flight planning app
Photogrammetry software
Agisoft Metashape
Number of photos
model A: 69 photos
model B: 98 photos
Dense cloud
model A: 233,412 points
model B: 34,669,606 points
model A: 59,999 faces
model B: 6,019,736 faces

Click and drag to navigate the 3d models and zoom with yout mousewheel.